Morbida gier auf lust


he Mike Hunter box cover uses invented names for the female cast. A classical ménage à trois where jealousy gains the upper hand and leads to a disaster which just two characters will survive. The art dealer Giovanni is searching for Diane, a blonde girl with curly hair whom he has met at a party months ago. At his home he watches her pictures on a slide projector. The scene fades to the house of Signora Geli, an attractive longhaired blonde painter who has a relationship with her model Diane. The women are sitting on a bed kissing and fondling each other. Miss Geli then slips a finger onto Dianes clit and starts eating her out. When Giovanni visits them to buy a painting, he recognizes Diane. Back at home he makes an appointment with her. They meet and make love in various positions including an intensive 69. She then jerks him off on her lips and chin with a lot of cum dripping down. Later in bed Giovanni tries to convince Diane that Signora Geli is not just lesbian but also interested in men. Meanwhile Signora Geli has invited three men to her home. They quickly come to business as she sucks one cock deep into her mouth and a second guy penetrates her from behind. It doesnt last long for the guys, their cum spurting out on her back and face.

Date: December 16, 2016